Discover The Nokia Ozo

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  Virtual reality is a great thing to experience, but it is also very difficult for people to record at times. This is when people should know more about the cameras that are used to record these films, but also know more information about these cameras. One of those cameras that was recently featured is the […]

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The Best Virtual Reality Games Of 2016

Final Fantasy XIV Online

For years, virtual reality has been treated as though it’s from a far off future. Now, it’s a reality. There are a number of affordable VR devices on the market, and even more are set to release in the future. Top 13 VR Games for 2016 But of course, virtual reality devices are only as good […]

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The Role Of Virtual Reality In The Future

VR future

Virtual reality is closer to us than ever before. Eventually, it’s going to become part of the mainstream technology. There are already VR devices available to pre-order such as Oculus Rift from Facebook, PlayStation VR from Sony and Vive from HTC. These gadgets are going to change the reality as we know it, just like […]

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