Virtual Reality In Education

student bored of studying

Virtual reality is something that is being promoted hard around the world, and many tech companies are joining in. Some investors are pumping money into technology because they know this is the future, and they want to tap in as well. The one sector that is still looking to bring virtual reality in as soon […]

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Does Holoportation In Real Time Really Work?

Holoportation Demo

Holoportation is a unique technique for essentially mimicking that famous hologram communication system that was first featured in Star Wars. The ability to send a picture of yourself, in real time, standing around people as a hologram. This technology was created by a man who was missing his daughter, and decided to create a new […]

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Discover The Nokia Ozo

nokia logo

  Virtual reality┬áis a great thing to experience, but it is also very difficult for people to record at times. This is when people should know more about the cameras that are used to record these films, but also know more information about these cameras. One of those cameras that was recently featured is the […]

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