The Role Of Virtual Reality In The Future

VR future

Virtual reality is closer to us than ever before. Eventually, it’s going to become part of the mainstream technology. There are already VR devices available to pre-order such as Oculus Rift from Facebook, PlayStation VR from Sony and Vive from HTC. These gadgets are going to change the reality as we know it, just like […]

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What Is Holoportation – A Basic Overview


Most of us have seen the movie Star Wars and the holograms that are used when they are communicating with each other over long distances. These three-dimensional images which are representative of actual people at a remote location has for decades been thought to be the stuff of science fiction. Fortunately, Microsoft has a system […]

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Introducing the Oculus Touch

oculus touch introduction

There is no doubt that there is a lot of talk about the Oculus Touch. Some people feel it is an addictive tool to use when playing virtual reality games. Other people wish it could be used in commercial applications like architecture’s CAD. Still others think that by the time the Touch is on the […]

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