Playing god has never been more exciting or realistic than with the modern technological capacity of creating a virtual world. In a world of your own, you can create an environment of your choosing with everything exactly how you want it; you can visit your world regularly to check on how the residents of your realm are progressing.

The best thing about it is that this never gets old, there are constantly new things happening and developing that can give everything a new spin. There are many online websites and gaming platforms that allow the creative mind no end of possibilities.

Following are 2 such realms that offer the user these possibilities. One with a general audience rating and one more popular with the mature creator.


My First World

My First World is a virtual world that is designed for kids. Parents can rest assure that their little ones will be safe from any mature or explicit content that is rampant on many other virtual world building site.

My First World provides a kid friendly interface and a brightly colored world to engage with. This world is built on a website and kids can add as many pages as they want to create a themed world online. This kid friendly realm offers all the usual feature of a virtual world like Avatars, Tasks, Campaigns and Quests, shops, credits and so much more.


How to Make “My First World”


The easiest way to access all the fun to be had at “My First World” is through your average Facebook account, but you can also locate the page and sign in this way. The first thing you must do after sign in is give a name to world you wish to create.

As long as it has not already been taken, this can be any name you want. Then you will be given a list of settings that need to be adjusted to the specific world appropriate levels, like currency rates, different levels as well as a description of your site for people to view.

Finally, pick a map for your site that will show your visitors where they need to go for various tasks, credits or levels, and that’s that! You’re almost Set!

The next part is the fun part, where you get to personalize your world. This is when you get to set up the shops and choose which games you will include. Each detail can be further personalized in many ways, for example, the items a shop will sell, the prices for the items as well as the tasks that must be completed before a character levels up can all be decided.

Many more things can be done as well. Your site can be advertised online to attract more visitors, groups can be created to explore various worlds together and accounts can be made so that you can visit your own world incognito.

Once you have added the final touches to your world it becomes its own site, visitors can enter and engage the world of your design, complete the various tasks you have laid out and all in all enjoy the full experience of a virtual world of your creation.




Another option for creating online virtual worlds is Kitely. This site employs Opensim Technology to make virtual worlds that can be visited and created by just about anyone. Each account opened with Kitely includes one free world.

On a Kitely virtual world many options are available, unlike the “My First World” this virtual creator is far more complex and includes a much larger variety of activities from musical performances, art viewings, chatting and interacting with other visitors, role playing and much more. Unlike other virtual worlds that are all-age appropriate, Kitely allows the individual to create a world featuring sizzling Adult Only content.


Creating a Kitely World

The Kitely worlds you create are protected and saved on the site on OAR Files. The worlds can be backed up and then be exported across the web from your computer and opened on any other system that employs OpenSim technology.

Of course, this can only be done with the expressed permission of the world’s creator, if an individual tries to back up a site that the has not been made “shareable” by the world’s creator it will be taken from the OAR file they have been given. Furthermore, worlds can be open or close grid allowing or inhibiting others from making changes to the world.


Creating your Virtual World

Nothing could be easier, a Kitely world can be created in just a few minutes. With a Facebook account sign in, you can have your profile up instantly, then you only have to open the Second Life compatible viewer to begin personalizing and customizing your virtual world.

The service is also relatively inexpensive. Because it operates off the cloud based system, it only runs about 20c an hour.