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A Brief History of Printing

Printing has a long and interesting history. Over the past 600 years the printing press has played an important role in the development of culture and the spread of literacy. The history of print goes back to 3000 BC but modern printing in the west began in the 15th century after the printing press was [...]

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There are Many Pros to Trailer Hire

When it comes to trailer hire, there are many pros. Hiring a trailer, truck or car trailer gives you the opportunity to conveniently move items on your schedule. What are some of the pros of this form of transportation that you can take advantage of? 1. You Need Fewer Trips to Your Location One of [...]

By | September 19th, 2018|Automotive|Comments Off on There are Many Pros to Trailer Hire

All About Poly Bags

A plastic bag, also known as a polythene bag or poly bag is a type of carriage vessel or container made from thin, flexible and nonwoven material or plastic textile. It is the most common type of packaging all over the world up until recent years which sought to see the banishment of these poly [...]

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What Are The Uses Of Cutting Concrete

When you look at the sidewalk you will often see different grooves in the concrete, even some roads will have grooves cut in it. This may lead you to ask what is the use of this type of cutting and how is it actually going to help out. Well, this is often a type of [...]

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Different types of Gasket Materials | Universal Gaskets

A majority of manufacturing sectors including but not limited to aerospace, automotive, appliances, military and electronic industries, utilize gasket materials in most of their production methods. A gasket is basically a special kind of sealing material that is normally made of a deformable material normally designed in the form of a sheet or ring. Gaskets [...]

By | September 3rd, 2018|Materials|Comments Off on Different types of Gasket Materials | Universal Gaskets
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