We are living in an era where information isn’t just easy to access but also expected. Whether you want to know the closing time of the nearest retail store, price list for your nearest boutique or phone number of your local spa to make a reservation, all this information can be easily accessed in just a few seconds, all thanks to Google and the upcoming smartphone technology. Besides, Google recently made a revelation that one in every three Google searches always has a local intent. This means that people are always looking online for a dry cleaner, salon or pizza joint in their locality. If your business heavily relies on local consumer traffic, it is evident that your business must be visible in local search results. And this is only possible with proper Google Maps optimisation.

According to a research conducted by Google, more than half of the mobile customers who search for a specific local business in a day end up visiting it as well. Moreover, 20% of them end up buying a product or service. The importance of ranking high on Google search engine is something we are all conversant with. However, for your business to get noticed in search engine result pages, you must do more than just target the top spot in normal results. Complete, verified and optimised Google Maps for your business lets you connect with your desired audience and be found in many ways.

What Are the Benefits Of Google Maps Optimisation for Businesses?

People rush online many times in a day to source information that will make their lives easier. Being the main search engine, Google has now devised a way for your business to stand out: Google Maps. Whether it is through a maps query or search result, a staggering four billion searches are made every day through Google. This means that your Google My Business profile is visible to a large online audience. So, what are the benefits of Google Maps optimisation?

1. It’s Cost Effective

Google My Business is a free business listing on the internet’s biggest search engines, putting your small or medium-sized business in front of millions of potential customers. And just like Google My Business, there are a few other prominent online directories for various industries. Google maps optimisation lets your potential clients easily access your operation hours, contacts, website and direction with just a single click and at zero costs. Proper Google Maps optimisation also lets your customers have an inside look into your business by sharing some insight on some of your busiest hours and review ratings by previous customers. If you’re just getting started with your business or working on a tight budget, every penny matters and having such a valuable resource lets you direct your resources elsewhere.

2. Better Visibility on Google Maps and Search

google maps

One of the greatest benefits of Google Maps optimisation is the prime real estate your business will occupy in the search results. With proper optimisation, your business profile will appear in Google Maps results as well as the Local “3-pack” area. When one performs a Google search, the first three listings are normally reserved for the Google AdWords advertisements. What comes up next is a map with three local search results selected then you’ll see the “organic” results. Initially, the Local 3-pack was a list of eight to ten results but was later reduced to three to better serve mobile users who were increasingly looking for results on their mobile devices. The Local 3-pack is typically located in a highly visible and valuable space on your search results page.

Having your Google My Business profile show up in the Local 3-Pack for search terms valuable to your business means that you can easily tap into potential revenue because your business shall be popular in search results.

3. Helps Potential Customers Find Your Physical Location

There is nothing as frustrating as a customer trying to locate your business just because nothing about it can be found on Google search or Maps. Through Google My Business and Google Maps optimisation for business, you can list the exact location and address of your business on the map. This implies that your potential customers will no longer have to depend on scribbled instructions or paper maps to find you. They will instead reach your business through precise directions.

4. Displays Useful and Accurate Information

If your Google My Business isn’t properly optimised, the chances are that all your potential customers will be reading inaccurate information about your business, which could result in customer loss. A Google My Business profile lets you make crucial business updates that are visible to all searchers. Google Maps optimisation ensure that useful and up-to-date information concerning your business is readily displayed in Google listings. This way, the searchers will see your hours of operation, directions, photos, busy periods, a description of your business and a call now button for mobile users.

All your listings shall be easily accessible on smartphones and tablets just as they are on laptops and desktops since Google is now fully committed to the mobile revolution.

Takeaway Message

A Google My Business profile that’s well-optimised and up to date indicates to Google that your business profile is relevant for all the users searching for your service or product and can potentially display your profile in Google Local 3-pack. Before you can even optimise your Google Maps profile, you will need to claim it first. To check whether you’ve claimed your business, sign into the Google account you use for the business and enter your company’s name to confirm whether you’re authorised to manage that business. After claiming your listing, ensure that all your business information is accurate and up-to-date. This implies that your operating hours must be correct, that your service category is as it should be and that there are no errors in your business payment methods and other fields. As a unified interface, Google My Business and Google Maps optimisation help your business to be easily discovered on search results.