For years, virtual reality has been treated as though it’s from a far off future. Now, it’s a reality. There are a number of affordable VR devices on the market, and even more are set to release in the future.

Top 13 VR Games for 2016

But of course, virtual reality devices are only as good as the games available for them. Thankfully, there are a number of incredible-looking titles on the market and on the horizon.

Fantastic Contraption


Although this colorful HTC Vive game began as a mobile title, it took on a life of its own after it was released for virtual reality. This game has a simple concept — you build contraptions to solve puzzles — but it’s difficult to master. This game has been a big hit with people from all age groups.

The Gallery: Call Of The Starseed

If you’re looking for a virtual reality game with a great story behind it, you can’t go wrong with The Gallery: Call Of The Starseed. This game has you searching for your sister in an incredible fantasy world. Because the game is being released episodically, you can enjoy it even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on gaming.


Are you looking for a game that has classic, Zelda-like feel? If so, you’ll be thrilled with Chronos. It transports players inside a beautiful world filled with great puzzles and intense action combat. It’s currently one of the best-reviewed titles in the Oculus Rift lineup.

Hover Junkers

Hover Junkers

If you want a VR game that provides plenty of competition, Hover Junkers is perfect. This shooter can get very intense very quickly. It’s easy enough to pick up the basics of play, but players who are willing to put in the time will be able to outclass their competitors if they put the effort in.

Lucky’s Tale

If you miss classic mascot platformers, you’ll love Lucky’s Tale. The game stars an adorable fox named Lucky, and has a very old-school feel. Although this game is sure to be a big hit with kids, adults love it as well.

Dragon Front

When most people think about the kind of VR games they’d like to play, they don’t think about board games or card games. However, Dragon Front is more than good enough to change people’s minds. It makes classic gameplay feel fresh and new again.

Job Simulator

Job Simulator is one of the most ridiculous virtual reality games out there, and that’s what makes it interesting. It has players simulate working a variety of menial jobs. The challenges of performing those tasks while dealing with the constraints of VR is fascinating and can be incredibly fun.

EVE: Valkyrie

EVE has been one of the most popular gaming franchises around for quite some time, so it’s no surprise people are chomping at the bit to play the virtual reality version. For many people, flying a virtual ship through space will feel like a dream come true.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Even though Final Fantasy XIV got off to a rocky start, it’s grown to become one of the best-reviewed MMORPGs on the market. Now, people will be able to step into its incredible fantasy world. People can really fight monsters, cast spells, and ride chocobo thanks to the PlayStation VR.

War Thunder

The vanilla version of War Thunder has already been very popular with gamers. However, the game will likely find a brand new audience thanks to its Oculus Rift support. This intense dog-fighting game will compliment a virtual reality device beautifully.

London Heist: Getaway

On-rails shooters will be seeing a resurgence thanks to virtual reality devices. People are less likely to experience motion sickness when they play games that are more controlled, so anything that keeps players on a set path is a natural fit. This game, which has players shooting from a moving getaway car, has been a big hit with everyone that’s tried it.

Temple Run VR

If you’re looking for a game with crisp CGI, you’ll love the virtual reality version of Temple Run. The graphics of this game are incredible, which makes it hard not to look at the beasts that are following behind you.

Alien: Isolation

The standard version of Alien: Isolation left gamers terrified. The virtual reality version of the same game may leave people screaming. Players will have to try to avoid a Xenomorph as they step directly into the popular Aliens franchise.

As you can see, now is a great time to invest in a virtual reality device. A number of incredible games have been released, and there are even more games scheduled to be released in the future. Take a look at the titles available and decide whether or not you’re willing to take the plunge into the exiting world of virtual reality.