Back in the 1980’s, when video games first came into prominence through companies like Atari and Coleco vision, kids were introduced to the world of virtual reality where they can actually play a game where the characters were interacting in a virtual world. Today, graphics and the complex city of games have gone through the proverbial roof, providing literal virtual worlds even from a cursory overview. There are so many games that generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year, even online games where you can compete against actual people that are playing the role of a mythical or mystical creature, and kids of all ages are playing them today. So what are the best ones that are available? This take a look at a few of the best ones for kids, primarily at younger ages, that they can enjoy on their tablet computer.


Moshi Monsters


This is a crazy game that kids absolutely love. It is called Moshi Monsters. You can play for free, choose the monster that you want to interact with, and start to play online with other players. It is designed for kids up to 12 years of age, and it actually has almost 100,000,000 registered users. It was developed back in 2007, and it is considered to be a family friendly game that most kids will enjoy.


Club Penguin

club penguin

If you have never heard of Club Penguin, then you most certainly do not have children. It is a game where you are a Penguin and you are interacting in this very cold but entertaining world. You can meet people that you know, chat with them, and go on adventures. You can build up points, get new items, and just have a lot of fun.



Finally, there is a virtual world called ourWorld which is oriented more toward teenagers. There are many activities that you can do with your avatar. You can earn currency which is referred to as flow, and you can get this by eating, drinking, dancing and even talking to people in the game. You can exchange flow for coins or experience points, and players can also create groups and request friendship with others. It is a game that is very addicting, and might be exactly what you are looking for to escape the perils of regular reality every day.

It is sometimes confusing, the popularity of these games, in that they are seemingly an escape from normal reality. People used to get lost in books, reading one every week, but video games seem to have replaced this necessity. Regardless of the age of your kids, or even yourself, you can find Virtual Worlds that will cater to everyone. They are designed to be fun, but they can end up becoming very addicting, no matter what virtual world you happen to be participating in. The goal should always be to try a new one every now and then just to add a little bit of novelty in your life. They are designed for entertainment, and once you have found one that is exactly what you are looking for, it can give you that outlet from normal reality that you need.