Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, continues to be one of the leading and the fastest growing forms of online marketing. As a result of this, SEO agencies have flourished almost overnight, making it harder for businesses and customers to find an SEO agency that does not waver in terms of reputation and producing quality results.

SEO techniques have become one of the most effective forms of online marketing techniques, and this is no different in the Australian market.


In order to help you choose the right SEO agency for you and your business, here are some of our most helpful do’s and dont’s, along with some of the most common misconceptions in selecting an agency.



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Relying on Google as a filter:

One of the biggest misconceptions, myths mistakes that many make when finding the right SEO company is using Google as a filter. For example, if your business is looking for the best SEO agency in your area simply googling for the best SEO company will not help you to narrow down your choices.

Simply being highly ranked on search engines such as Google doesn’t always necessarily mean that the agency in question is reputable and reliable.

Many agencies that are ranked highly in search results for Google actually sit lower in the quality spectrum of agencies as they are actively trying to acquire new clientele.

Even though successful and reputable SEO companies are high in demand, they already have more than enough work and a large list of clients meaning that they do not spend the same amount of time optimising their own website as their clients which results in their agency not showing up first in Google’s search results.


It is still important to ensure that your potential partnership with an SEO agency is capable of making their own business effectively to know that they can apply the same practices for your business, however it is imperative to be aware that when searching for SEO agencies, you may encounter some less favorable SEO types, even though they may be ranked highly in related searches.
Always ensure that you conduct further research to ensure that the potential agency is legitimate and is not only hoping to trap unsuspecting clients. One of the best ways to ensure that an agency is the ‘real deal’ is to seek testimonials and references.   


Choose from a top SEO list:

Upon researching for the right SEO agency for your business, you may encounter a list that will give you a detailed description of the best agencies to choose from, however, what they may fail to tell you is that these ‘top-ranked’ agencies are actually paying to be in the top positions. This scheme may seem like a great investment for them, but it is not beneficial for you!


Believing the Sales Pitch:

Many SEO companies make over-the-top guarantees in rankings. For instance being the #1 spot on Google, or that they have devised their own secret formula for the best SEO optimisation results, but be warned that this is a massive red flag.
There is no magic secret formula for SEO optimisation. Point blank.  


Know what you need:

One of the most fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself in terms of SEO for your business, is how SEO will help your business. For your business to be successful and generate results from SEO, you must have a clear set of goals. Avoid any ideas that are based around your business simply increasing traffic, ranking high on search engines or to simply beat other competitors for keywords. These goals do not directly translate to an increase in revenue.
Rather, you should focus your objectives on free trial downloads, sign-ups or increase the reviews for your brand as these are tangible goals that will align your business for future success.  


Do your own research:

Before choosing an agency, ensure that you have done your homework and have developed a working knowledge of SEO, which includes improving your internal linking and the navigation of your own brand’s site: employing descriptive and accurate anchor text, headlines, titles and title tags, along with producing quality content for your website regularly and consistently. Educating yourself with help your business to achieve SEO success.  

One of the most effective ways to find a reputable SEO agency is through conducting your own personal research and through word of mouth.
Take advantage of the plethora of social media channels that are available to you and reach out to industry insiders, along with friends and personal networks to gain opinions and insights.


Ask important questions:

After you have narrowed down your search to a handful of 3-5 SEO agencies that align with your businesses needs that have provided case studies and references, take advantage of the communication with each agency and discuss your objectives. It is important to ask the right questions, take notes and compare the agencies to find the right fit for you. Some questions that are important to ask are:

  • Do you outsource the SEO work and do you have an in-house team that deal with SEO?
  • Do you have a phone and email support that is readily available?
  • What is your pricing structure? Is it hourly or a fixed rate? If it is hourly, how many hours are included? Of they offer their SEO services in a package, what is included? Does the agreement include a performance clause?
  • What are the methods and procedures are used in order to accomplish these goals? What are these methods used?
  • How do they stay on top of any changes that occur in the industry?  
  • What is your reporting process? What metrics do they work on? What do they need to collect and what do you need to gather from them?
  • Will they be writing content for SEO or will they work with the content that you already have?
  • How do they resolve issues and problems?


Determine their devotion:

A good SEO agency should offer transparency in their motives and have clear and effective means of communication. Even though it is essential for you to ask the potential SEO agency question, it is a two-way street. In order to establish if the SEO agency is invested in the success of your business, they should also be asking you the right questions for them to best understand how their services can assist you.

These questions should be based upon the vision for your business, any and all information that will be helpful for them to achieve the right results that align with your goals. They should be asking you for information such as a list of your targeted keywords, access to your business CMs, Google Analytics and all social accounts.

Determine the SEO Agencies success:

Although it is not possible to see immediate results with any SEO campaign, you should expect to see deliverables of the work that has been conducted and the projected success of a campaign after a few months of working with your chosen SEO agency through a monthly review.

You should receive a breakdown of the work and you should hopefully see an increase organic traffic to your website, along with a positive impact to your business’s bottom line.


The eTraffic Difference:

eTraffic is a digital marketing agency with a difference. We know that not all companies are the same, each with their own needs, specific industry and goals, which is why eTraffic embrace a personalised and individualistic approach with our SEO strategies and campaigns.


We firstly begin by gaining a deep and thorough understanding of the specific company’s industry, their target market and how these can be used together in order to generate positive results and ultimately improve their bottom line.


eTraffic is not like other agencies. Rather, our team of digital marketing strategists are appointed fewer client accounts to ensure that each one of our clients is appointed their own manager to offer an intimate experience and to ensure that each team member can remain focused on providing our clients with real results.

This means that our team members have the opportunity to gain a greater and more personal understanding of the business and their individual needs.


We firmly believe that strong communication and complete transparency are key. At eTraffic, we offer all of our clients with a complete plan of a business’s online marketing strategy to ensure that we can best manage our clients’ expectations. Our clients have the opportunity and are given complete and free access to all marketing programs, software and campaigns, along with the right knowledge on how to best use them.

We promote an open line of communication and ensure that our clients have the opportunity to openly ask any questions they may have about the campaign with their dedicated project manager. The dedicated project manager is open to listening to all of these concerns to adjusting the campaign in order to provide the best possible results.  


The results speak for themselves with eTraffic. We utilise a mixed platform marketing strategy in order to efficiently and effectively achieve increased conversion rates and provide real results for our clients investments.

We work tirelessly to drive sales for our clients. At eTraffic, we have used our skills and passion to bring together a team of digital strategists, web designers, graphic designers, web developers, marketing managers and copywriters who work with one another in an open line of communication to present the best results in greater efficiency.
With each digital marketing strategy, we take notes from our clients’ target market and combine a wide variety of media platforms to provide work that is the most relevant to a specific industry. Our digital marketing strategists use a combination of marketing tools such as SEO, paid search tactics, social media and mobile optimisation to ensure that our clients’ customers will come across their business time and time again.


We are so confident that our clients will be elated with the services and results that eTraffic provides, that we don’t rely on retainers to keep our clients coming back to us. We are positive that our love for the art and our dedication to the craft of digital marketing will ensure that we deliver out the client with the most positive results and latest marketing strategies to grow their brand.


Get in touch with eTraffic and discover the endless possibilities of the digital marketing services we have to offer.  


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