Holoportation is a unique technique for essentially mimicking that famous hologram communication system that was first featured in Star Wars. The ability to send a picture of yourself, in real time, standing around people as a hologram. This technology was created by a man who was missing his daughter, and decided to create a new way to communicate with her. Using special cameras and goggles, it is possible for people to view another person at a completely different location as if they are standing right before you.

How Does Holoportation Work?


This system of communication uses a series of cameras that are situated in a circle around the person that is to send their essence via hologram. It will capture an incredible amount of information, making it seem as if the person is really there. In actuality, what they are seeing is a representation of this individual that is frame by frame, but is presented so quickly, and with so much detail, they appear to be real to those that are watching. Holograms have become a reality in our world today, and Holoportation technology can actually allow people to communicate in real-time. A very common question that people ask about this technology is why is it not possible to do this? We have had the Internet for well over a decade, but it was not until now that someone decided to do this. The reason that it is now possible today has to do with the speed of the Internet.

Why Is This Possible Today?

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Image Credit: By Ben Franske – Own work, GFDL

The reason that this technology is possible is because of the speed at which the Internet can send information in packets. A few years ago, this could not have been done. There is so much data that is collected by the cameras that are filming the person that will send a hologram, without high-speed Internet, the hologram itself would not look real at all. Additionally, we have cameras today that are much more high tech, making it possible for people to capture images that are crystal clear and precise. Combining that with Wi-Fi technology that can deliver this information to a computer that can process it, and send it, this is why it is a viable alternative to making phone calls, or doing videoconferencing, today.

Is This Available For Everyone?

This technology is actually in its infancy. There are very few people that have all of the camera equipment and software that is necessary to provide this on a large scale basis. As a result of this, people are working very hard to mass-produce what so many people have seen, and would like to try out, using this Holoportation technology. Even though a person may not really be there, and it is only their hologram, it is a much more personal way to interact with someone that may be half a world away, courtesy of this high-tech holographic technology.

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When Will It Be Ready For Mass Production?

According to the producers of this technology, it will be ready in several years. They are putting the finishing touches on making this is real as possible, and also making it affordable for people that would like to use it. As flatscreen TVs, when they first came out, were extremely expensive, the same will be true this technology until they have enough money for mass production, allowing everyone to affordably use this holographic way with friends and family.

Now that you know a little bit more about Holoportation, it is clearly a fantastic way to talk with others. Once it has become available to everyone, it will be very simple for everyone to communicate the holograms just like on Star Wars.