A lot of metal is discarded every year from individuals and large corporations. Anything from small soda cans to discarded vehicles is considered scrap metal.

However, rather than leaving it lying around, there are some benefits to recycling scrap metal. Here is what you need to know.

1. It’s Good For The Environment

Did you know that producing new metals from mined ores releases a lot of greenhouse gases that are bad for the environment? However, creating products from recycled scrap metal prevents the mining of new metal. Note that, the greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change and contribute to air pollution in the cities. As a result, residents might develop health problems, especially respiratory issues. Thanks to recycling scrap metal reduces any waste products from mining, consumes fewer resources and reduces the emission of dangerous gases.

2. Conservation Of Energy

Drilling ores, refining mined metal and other processes that take place in manufacturing consume a lot of energy. Well, that can be reduced considerably by recycling scrap metal. Of course, conservation of energy might vary depending of the type of product being recycled. For instance, recycling aluminum uses at least 95% than creating it from raw materials. On the other hand, recycling steel will save at least 60% of energy.

3. Conservation Of The Ores

There is a limited amount of metal ores found globally. Through recycling scrap metal, you can reduce the amount of ore required to be mined. Manufacturers can now enjoy using already mined metal rather than exhausting what’s available in the ores.

4. Economic Benefits

Recycling is also good for the economy because it creates more jobs. Note that, if recycling wasn’t an option, all the scrap metal would go into the incinerator and landfills all over the world. However, by looking for new ways to reuse the old metal, people have made a lot of income in different areas of their lives.

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Where To Find Scrap Metal For Recycling

1. Shooting Ranges

Since bullets are made from brass, you can take advantage of the shooting ranges near you to find brass to recycle. You can collect the brass shells from different bullets and use it for different purposes or simply sell it to the recycling plants. If possible, you should contact the local shooting range early enough to find out whether you can collect the discharged shells for recycling purposes.

2. Local Repair Shops

Any small scale repair shop near you will have metal parts or appliances that they need to be removed from their premises to clear up more space. Additionally, retail stores might remodel and need to remove old shelves, damaged display units and old shopping carts. Visit any of these places and provide your contact information so that they can contact you whenever they need to dispose scrap metal.

3. Construction Sites

Yes, this is a good source of scrap metal for recycling purposes but there are a few rules you need to know before doing it. First, you should never take any items from construction sites without any written permission. If you ignore that basic rule, you are opening yourself up to accusations of scrap theft. If you work hand in hand with a manager at a construction site or a contractor, you are in the best situation to retrieve scrap metal. That way, you can help them clear the debris from the site while getting the best source of scrap metal.

4. Medical Facilities

You can also find scrap metal at medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals or assisted living centers. Everything from the patient beds to the appliances, fixtures and wheelchairs can be thrown away as scrap metal. Of course, there are rules to sourcing scrap metal from medical facilities. Start by contacting the administrator and make an appointment for your scrap metal removal services.

5. Online Sources

Popular online sites provide a venue for people to sell their old scrap metals or give them out for free. You need to take your time to comb through the sites to get the most valuable scrap metal for your recycling needs.

6. Dumpsters

It’s time for you to do a little dumpster diving if you need to get some scrap metal. Of course, you need to get permission from the owners before doing it to avoid any lawsuits. Whether it is close to an apartment complex, repair shops or auto shops, you need to take your time to get permission before dumpster diving.


Tips On How To Recycle Metal For Money

There are different types of metals thrown out as scrap. However, if you want to make money from recycling scrap metal, you need to know the various metals and their values. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Copper – It is one of the popular metals used to construct buildings. It can be found in the plumbing and roofing materials. It is one of the most valuable scrap metals so you can sell it to a recycling company and get a lot of money from it.

2. Aluminum – Although it is mostly found in soda and beer cans, there are a few other good sources such gutters, window frames, siding, doors and much more. It might not be worth a lot at any scrap metal recycling yard but since it is found in plenty, you can make a lot of money by collecting a lot of it.

3. Brass – It is found in door handles, keys, bullet shells, bathroom fixtures and lighting fixtures. Brass is made up of zinc and copper and the value is at a mid-level but it can increase in weight since it is dense, getting you a lot of money.

4. Steel – It is one of the most common metals found in the world. It is found in chairs, cabinets, shelves and many other areas. You might not get a lot of money from it but if you have too much in weight, you can get some good money.

In conclusion, recycling scrap metal has many benefits and you need to know where to find the scrap and how to identify it to enjoy these advantages and many more.