With a laser cutter and engraver in your hand and a few good ideas, there’s little you cannot do as far as signage and branding is concerned.

This is important because good branding is essential to making a business  profitable. With a laser, you can engrave your logo, tagline or some sign associated with your business on the small things that people use regularly. This helps greatly in brand awareness and recall.

Here are some creative uses of laser cutter that should give you the needed inspiration.  

  • Laser cut rubber stamp

The rubber stamp, which is an essential tool for a business, is a good place to start. Embellish your logo with some intricate and unique design to make it stand out. Don’t hesitate to put as much detail worry as the laser cutter can follow the design  accurately.

  • Keychain holder

You usually the name of a brand etched on a key holder. Laser technology makes it ultra simple to come up with clever designs on just about any material. A wooden keychain holder with a skillfully etched sign associated with your business would be great. Here is an example of how you can use a laser engraver with a wooden keychain holder.

The design is simple, but the impact is great. The message is precise and can perfectly work for both business (office, corporate) and household environments. But simple as this is, you can also make complicated designs using laser engraving. Your design is only limited by your imagination.  

  • Vinyl Record wall clock

A wall clock is always a crucial addition to the interior décor of any office. Sections within an organization such as the visitors’ waiting area or reception all require a good wall clock. While any business person consider the clock as a requirement on the office wall, if you are brand conscious, you’ll see this as an opportunity to market your brand.

With the unlimited laser capabilities on the Vinyl Record wall clock, you can add whatever design element reflects your brand. These laser-cut Vinyl Record clocks from Etsy allow you to add your own touch to them.

The wall clock originally has white hands – but you can request to have a different colour and design.  

You can also put whatever text you desire on the clock. This versatility makes a vinyl record clock an ideal tool for promoting your brand.

  • Office art

The one thing that all offices have is a painting or wall mural. But who said that office art has to be all about paintings and wall murals?

Laser cutters and engravers can help you spice up your office with art pieces. For instance,  paper artwork would be a great addition to any modern office when it is cut using a suitable laser equipment. Think about a unique engraving or etching that was would be exclusively done for your office. This will surely be a hit among clients and a sure-fire conversation starter.  

  • Laser cut felt rug

Laser cutters can be quite handy when it comes to designing your office textile. The For instance, you can rethink what you want your office rug to look like. What about etching your company logo on the felt rag? You could have your company logo or another design that represents your company’s values.  See how the laser cut felt rug in this picture looks super modern

  • Laser cut wooden signage

You can use laser cutters to create a huge variety of cleverly thought-out signs on plywood. We love how this workshop has ingeniously curved out the hammer and spanner sign out of the wood plunk.  

Like many possibilities that lasers bring, there’s hardly any limit to what you can create signs on. It can be the signage directing visitors to your office or an office equipment within your premises. Wooden signs look great, and it’s upon you to decide what’s most appealing then create it.

In the off chance that you don’t find wood as appealing, laser devices enable you to create the same signs on metals. Still, if neither of these materials cut it for you, Or you can then acrylics or stones certainly should. The amazing part? Laser cutters will etch or cut any sign you want equally on any of these materials.  

  • Business cards

Your business card is one of the greatest branding tools. That’s why it should  carry the image that best represents your brand. And laser technology offers an endless chain of possibilities to spice things up on this important card.  

Your chosen design can be executed on a number of materials– metal, wood or acrylic.


If you really want to stand out, make your brand unique. And this being unique should extend to your marketing tools including business cards and souvenirs. This will catch the attention of suppliers and customers, putting your brand ahead of the competition.