There was a movie back in 2009 called Paranormal Activity, a movie that is a supernatural horror film. There are actually six of them to date, all based around the idea that a family is being haunted by a demon. During the movie, several family members are actually murdered, as well as other bystanders that are part of the film. It uses security camera footage, as well as other types of recording devices, presenting the movie in this manner. It has been given mixed reviews, yet despite the reviews it has actually made a phenomenal amount of money. This popularity motivated people to make a video game called Paranormal Activity VR, a game that is the subject of this review.


The Paranormal Activity VR Game


In the same way that the film has become a success, the game is also set to be one of the scariest games in history. Part of this is due to the fact it is played using a virtual reality headset, one that is worn by the player. VR games are becoming so much more realistic, you actually believe that you are participating in this reality, placing you directly in the game. PlayStation 4 has come out with one, capable of tracking 360 degree had movement, plus the headset makes everything extremely real. There is still a controller that needs to be used in order to maneuver throughout the game. Aside from that, it is as if you are literally participating in a virtual world which is extremely scary, especially in the world of Paranormal Activity.


How Do You Play The Game?

Playing VR Paranormal Activity
Once you have the virtual reality headset on with the speakers, and you have your controller in hand, it is as if you are in a real house. You can pick up candles and lighters in order to find your way, and you also have virtual hands that you can see when you are grabbing things and moving about. There are flashlights which require you to find batteries. It is slow at first, but then the voices heard, telling you to look behind you. You will start to hear doors slamming, even as you are just going into a room, and returning to the previous rooms you may find that everything is rearranged. All of the visual and audio that you experience will make everything so real that you will literally become scared.


What Is The Objective Of The Game?

As you are moving through the home watching things shift around, hearing noises, and even seeing furniture falling down, your objective is to simply stay alive. The underlying purpose of being there is coupled with your need to find different items throughout the home, similar to any video game that you will ever play. The primary difference is that you are running for your life at some points, trying to fight against this entity that is coming after you, which is what makes it so frightening.
If you have ever played a virtual reality game before, you will likely have never played something as frightening as this. If you have ever watched the Paranormal Activity movies, specifically the first one, it is very similar. It is even worse, according to some people, if you have watched the movies and you know what happens to many of the protagonists that died during the movie. However, even if you haven’t seen any of the movies that have been released, the fact that you are in a literal virtual world is what makes this all the more frightening. There is a definite difference between staring at a TV monitor manipulating your controls, allowing you to posit the game or even look away. When it feels as if you are in the game, you will have a completely different outlook on what is occurring, giving you a much more personal perspective.