Packaging will play a critical role in the marketing of the products. It is a good idea to attract the attention of your customers. Packaging will help in defining the product, creating brand identity, and the perfect first impression to customers on the aisles.

Below are ten packaging tips that will help you attract consumers:

  1. Understand the customer

One problem that many businesses face is the fact that one –package may not be able to satisfy the needs and requirements of all buyers. There are some niche markets that will need their won packaging. This is why it is a good idea to invest in finding more about your customer if you are targeting one of those. What works for one market might not work for the other.

  1. What attribute of Packaging will appeal to your target customer

If the product is targeted towards a harried housewife then it is important to have convenience at the top of your list. If you are targeting people over 50, it is important to have convenience on the list, but you also need to consider other factors such as the size of the print on the package and the ease of use. Ensure you put your target in mind when designing the packaging.

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  1. Get to know how the Package will be used

Gone are the times when families used to sit down and have a meal together. Many households have special diet requirements. This is why it is easy to find different people being served different meals. Packages sizes will vary accordingly.

People who tend to travel more will prefer a trail or sample size because they will have an easier time carrying and dealing with it.

  1. Know the current buying trend of the customer.

You will find packages that are supersized, but the current trend is changing into a smaller size in general. Reducing the size of the package doesn’t mean less profit, in most instances, it means more. Consumers tend to prefer paying more for ease of use, convenience, and smaller quantity.

A good example is 3 premium baking potatoes will be the same price as potatoes in a 5-pound bag. If you are alone and need to buy potatoes, will you need 5 pounds of potatoes?

  1. Keep up with the latest packaging technologies

Creative new products will bring in the advantage in marketing even if the application is the new and not the technology. One example is Metedent which took the world by storm with the dual aperture dispensing mechanism. In the recent past, cleaning products have started using this method of dispensing. Consider combining two products into a single package.

  1. Watch where people shop

There has been a shift from the traditional retailers to stores that employ innovation. In the past, convenience stores were seen as a low-end marketer, but this has now changed and they have become the stores that provide premium products at a premium price. This has been caused by the hurry-up-and-go mindset that has been employed by the shopping habits. There are some studies that have shown that consumers prefer making several trips every week to the store instead of going on one trip and stocking up everything they need for the week.

A good example is the grab-and-go cups of snack foods that are offered by the food convenience stores.

  1. Keep up with the “hot button” packaging issues

This will include legislation. People have started to become more concerned about the environment. There has been a lot of increase in interested in expanding the number of vegetable-based plastic materials to be used in packaging food. If the products manage to get the endorsement of the packaging consumers, then you should start looking for other new products that are going to surface. Legislation is known to change overnight, and you should be well prepared if such a thing happens. This will minimize the effect it will have on your business.

  1. Security in packaging continues to become more important

This will continue to become even more important because people have started to get concerned about the integrity of the products. A security scare can result in everyone changing their methods of packaging. Always be on the lookout for tamper evident and security devices that you can incorporate into your packaging. These devices are become more affordable because of cost efficiencies and will soon become mainstream.

  1. The competition of the various packaging materials has continued to increase

There has been a lot of imports available to the merger and the acquisition mania that is being witnessed, you should be able to keep track of the global chain of supply. There are some products that use to be the backbone of manufacturing in the US, and now it has gone offshore.

  1. External influence of power players

You will notice that the big box retailers are all driving packaging policies and procedures at retail. RFID tracking is still in the infancy. This can easily become the new norm overnight. If you want to do business with retailers like WalMart and Home Depot, you will have to include the selection and design of the product packaging material.

You should keep in mind that the customer depends on the manufacturer as a resource. They expect you to keep up with the trend and provide them the best quality possible.