Many people recognise that sending out a press release (PR) over the internet is the easiest way to introduce your new business to people.

That’s why this has turned into a industry itself. There are many digital PR companies that offer not only write them for you, but also submit them to web distributors so that thousands of people will see it.

This is because there is an art to writing a successful PR, different from a traditional article. Distribution is also different. You need a company that will get your press release out to as many online publications as possible so you can drive a phenomenal amount of traffic to your website.

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What Is A Press Release Used For?

A PR tells a compelling new story. It targets members of the media, not potential clients. The goal is to have a journalist include your PR in their publication, and this is where you get all the traffic. And when it is picked up it can generate a substantial amount of search engine traffic because these will also rank on the Internet.


How To Write A Press Release


press release

In writing, you need to focus on the primary objective — get journalists and publications, and interested in your story.

Your content needs to be very specific, addressing the four simple questions of who, what, and where, when and how. These details must be incorporated in a way that the reader would get the message you’re putting across, all the while keeping his interest to know more and to take action. It’s these elements that make a PR unique, that’s why it has to be written in a certain way.


How Do You Submit a Press Release?

The best way to distribute a PR is to submit it to a large company that actually does these every day. Their people will first evaluate your press release.

Top Online Press Release Sites:

Once it is approved, you can then pay them to send it out.

If your budget allows it, consider tapping big press release distribution companies to maximise the amount of traffic that you receive.


How Long Will It Take To See Results?

It’s going to take a few hours to start to see the traffic come in. It’s success hinges on how many publications and journalists picked it up.

If you can get this on hundreds of different websites, not only will you get traffic from their readers, but you will also rank well on the Internet. Once it gets listed in the search engines, you will be able to generate traffic for many weeks to come.

For those that have never done a press release before, it seems like a daunting endeavor. Because there is an art to it and you don’t want to waste time in coming up with a flawed PR, best to hire a professional to write it and distribute for your company.

With this, you won’t only save time but also get the best possible chance to have the most visitors and generate a multitude of sales.

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