Like most good things, the Fove VR Headset got its introduction on Kickstarter, like most good ideas do. We it quickly met its funding goals, selling out its pre-sell very quickly. Creating an even higher demand for it before it even came out. The technology that it has is more advanced than any other virtual reality headset that has entered the market so far. Virtual-reality headsets are the thing of now and the future. They will not only be used by people who play video games but also by people in different industries. People who trade the financial markets are starting to see the value of a virtual reality headset. There’s an article and the latest financial magazine about a market guru who is starting to use virtual-reality headsets to trade on a daily basis. He said he uses it because it is more ergonomic and allows him to move around more freely than looking into multiple computer screens. It gives a different perspective than looking at a computer screen and it makes him a part of the market itself. This is similar to what video game players say about virtual-reality headsets. We might actually see the day when many people use virtual-reality headsets instead of a computer monitor. Imagine writers using it to become more inundated with the words that they create. Imagine how it can integrate with using a standing desk and overcoming the ergonomics of standing and having to perfectly position a computer monitor versus the ease of wearing a virtual-reality headset where any position is basically an ergonomic position. So it definitely is the device in the future and the divisive now and the Fove VR is turning virtual-reality into something that just about anyone can get a high quality headset.

What makes the Fove VR headset different and far more accurate than other headsets on the market is that it has a new technology which uses eye tracking to give more control over the system. So that means that when in video games where your eyes track the screen will track but you can turn it off as well. For non-gamer use that means that you can get a more detailed view of what you’re looking at and it turns it into a more functional tool. One that is accurate, Wendy gives a better point of view than a computer monitor and one that is a lot more fun to use.

Other uses for virtual-reality headsets will be consuming content such as movies and TV shows on a smart phone or tablet. Think about the ergonomic issues that come up when watching media on our mobile devices, the awkward way it places our neck and head, the way that we have to constantly hold it with their hands and our arms. Virtual-reality headsets remove all of these things that can be very uncomfortable. You can now watch a movie or television show or even a YouTube video with the virtual-reality headset standing, sitting or lying down. You can do so hands-free. You can even do so while on the treadmill or on the exercise bike. So it isn’t just for people play video games it is for anyone who wants a better way to consume content or do work in the digital world. So it is probably for someone just like you, someone who is reading this article likely on sort of Digital screen, that is either on your desk or in their hand. Virtual-reality headsets and hands-free is the way to go. It is the way of the future and it is the way of now.

You can see that the Fove VR headset is really shaking up things in the industry. That it is creating a more accurate and more pleasurable virtual-reality experience. That it is a device that is in high demand and that it was user funded. That it is currently still in high demand is finally hitting the market for the masses and not just early investors to that kickstarter campaign that started at all. It is the virtual reality headsets to have for anyone who’s interested in virtual-reality headsets. It is a great tool that has a ton of functionality.

So as you can see, virtual-reality headsets are improving and the technology is more advanced. The eye tracking technology of the Fove VR headset is what makes it special and highly accurate and in high demand. It gives more control over the virtual environment than any other headset on the market. And one that many people want to purchase because it has just been released to the masses. Early funders of the campaign who have received their devices have nothing but great things to say about it. They love the build quality, the technology and the accuracy of the headset.