Looking for the finest hand-crafted chocolate delectables?

Cacao has Australia’s number one leading chocolatiers and pastry chefs. With almost 15 years of experience, Cacao has been producing the most extravagant range of hand-crafted chocolate delights made from the finest quality ingredients right here in Melbourne!

Chocolate Bars | Cacao


Below is a list of our top ten chocolate bars that are sure to tantalise your taste buds!


  1. Cacao Guayaquil Bar

For those who love the exuberant taste of deep chocolate flavour, our Guayaquil Bar is made of 64% dark chocolate and contains crunchy nutrients packed cocoa nibs.  This is guaranteed to strike the perfect balance of bitter, sweet and nutty minus the nuts!


  1.    Cacao Milk Bar

Creamy and delicious our Milk Bar is one of our smoother and sweeter choices of hand-crafted chocolates. Indulgent and utterly addictive!


  1. Cacao Mint Bar

Our Mint Bar is made from the finest dark chocolate and combined with crispy mint pieces for an added flavour of minty freshness that goes superbly with the richness of dark cacao.


  1. Salted Caramel Bar

Our Salted Caramel Bar delivers the smooth taste of Cacao’s milk chocolate combined with a light crunch from our slightly salted caramel flakes.


  1. Cacao Croquant Bar

Our Croquant Bar is a made from crispy rice puffs which are enrobed in a layer of our award-winning milk chocolate. This makes for another satisfyingly crispy chocolate delight.


  1.    Cacao Almond Bar

Specially caramelised almond pieces covered in a smooth and creamy layer of our famous milk chocolate that is sure to please all your senses!


  1. Cacao Raspberry Bar

A delicious blend of dark chocolate mixed with real raspberries that have been dehydrated to create a mainly zesty yet slight sweet burst of flavour!


  1. Cacao Milk Chocolate Bars

This little bundle includes all 4 versions of our milk chocolate bars including Milk Chocolate 50g, Almond Pieces 50g, Salted Caramel 50g and Croquant 50g.


  1.    Cacao Dark Chocolate Bars

This includes our range of all 4 versions of our dark chocolate bars including Dark 50g, Raspberry 50g, Mint 50g, and Guyaquil 50g.


  1.  Hamper Box

Choose from our extravagant range of hand-crafted chocolates to fill in our exclusive box.  You can make your very own hamper and select the items that you really love!

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