When it comes to trailer hire, there are many pros. Hiring a trailer, truck or car trailer gives you the opportunity to conveniently move items on your schedule. What are some of the pros of this form of transportation that you can take advantage of?

1. You Need Fewer Trips to Your Location

One of the primary reasons to go with a trailer hire is that you’ll need fewer trips when it comes to moving your items from one place to another. There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to spend a lot of time going back and forth between locations. But if you try to stuff everything in your car, chances are you’ll need to do it more than once to fit everything in.

However, renting a trailer or a truck allows you to transport with fewer trips. In many cases, you’re able to get everything to your location the first time.

2. You’re in Control of Your Schedule

As we said above, when you hiring a trailer, truck or car trailer, you are able to move items on your schedule as opposed to hiring someone to tow objects for you. No matter if its morning, noon or night, you’re in control. Perhaps you want to transport items early in the morning before everyone wakes up? Or, maybe you’ll need to do it at midnight after your work day is over, and you’ve taken care of other business?

Having the convenience of doing it yourself helps you to manage your time better, which is particularly useful when you are moving. When you hire a towing company, that kind of flexibility is most likely not available. In most cases, you’re on their schedule, not vice versa.

Trailer Hire

3. You Save Money on Your Hire

In most cases hiring a car trailer or similar saves you money in the long run. You don’t have to pay towing operator costs. This is particularly helpful when you’re towing long distances, and the costs of hiring a towing operator can really add up.

4. You can Tailor to What You Need

Perhaps you need to hire a truck, or maybe you need to hire a car trailer? Although a truck and a car trailer are both used to transport, they are not similar with regard to size, and one may be too big or too small for you. Therefore, with a trailer hire, you can go with exactly the size you need to take care of your items. You’ll not only pay for only what you need, but your items will also fit snugly for safer transport. You’re more likely to make it in one trip and you’re not wasting space and wasting money by using a vehicle that is too big for your needs.

5. You Can Rent Accessories

Need a car seat or perhaps a canopy? Trailers for hire companies not only give you trailers to rent, but they have other items that you may need.

If you’re interested in trailer hire, you’ll want to go with a top company such as an affordable car hire known as 1300 Meteor rentals. In business for over 35 years, they have locations across Northern and Western Queensland, and they have competitive rates on the latest models. Whether it’s trailers for hire, truck hire, car trailers for hire, cars, minibuses, and more, the vehicles are purchased stock brand new and are retired after they reach unacceptable lifespans. For example, cars are kept up to four years or 79,000 km, delivery vans are kept up to five years or 89,000 km, medium trucks are kept up to seven years or 295,000 km, etc. You will not find old vehicles that put you at risk of having something that will break down or not work.

The company known as 1300 Meteor rentals offers additionals such as baby seats and moving accessory packages. This makes the company a place for one-stop shopping and rental and saves you time.

In addition to the trailer for hire type services, 1300 Meteor offers free airport pickup to any renter. All of this includes not only cars, but people movers, 4WD’s, trucks, people movers, and more.

The company offers one-way rentals between branches as well as one-way rentals to locations throughout the mainland of Australia.