Concrete cutting or sawing is an essential function in the construction industry. The process is important to cut concrete and another masonry in a precise and safe manner.

In fact, concrete cutting is mostly used in the building and remodeling industries.

There are different types of concrete cutters available out there. These cutters are used for different concrete cutting purposes. Hence, you should have an idea of the right cutting machine to match your project. This article provides information on the different types of concrete cutting tools out there.

Methods Of Concrete Cutting

Dry Sawing – Dry cutting is ideal for outdoor projects since it produces a lot of on-site dust. A diamond blade is used in this type of machine to keep the blade cool without the need of water. On the other hand, a diamond blade will contribute to the reduction of dust build-up during the process. The dry sawing process involves lots of small cuts to be made. These small cuts will gradually become deeper. This will help prevent the blade from overheating during the cutting process.

Wet Sawing – Water is used to lubricate and cool the blade in this method. This will result in a cooler blade and less dust production when cutting. This technique is kind to the health of the cutter and environmentally friendly. It will also prolong the lifespan of the blade. Dust contains crystalline silica – which can cause health concerns.

Different Types Of Concrete Cutting Tools

Floor Saws

This type of concrete cutting tool is ideal for flat surfaces such as concrete floors, slabs, and roads. In fact, this tool is mostly used for road, pavement work, joints, trenching, and demolition work. Make sure you invest in the right concrete cutting tool depending on your project.

Wall Saws

Wall saws are also known as track saws. This tool is mostly used to make openings in a wall or any other vertical structure. It is mostly used to create windows, ventilation ducts, or doors. The saw is first secured into the target structure. This is done on a track-mounted system. This helps to cut cleanly, accurately, and precisely.

Ring And Chain Saws

Ring and chainsaws are handheld saws. They are mostly used for small and medium-sized concrete projects. The compact design of the ring and chainsaw is the main advantage since it is handy for working in limited access areas with ease. These tools are ideal for cutting floors, walls, bricks, and concrete pipes. You can choose the right type of ring and chainsaw depending on the type of project you have.

A professional contractor can help you choose the best tool depending on the type of project. A chainsaw comes with an oblong blade and a diamond impregnated chain. Hence, the tool is ideal for projects where overcuts need to be minimized.

On the other hand, a ring saw comes with a round blade. Hence, the tool is ideal for cuts in areas where standard road saws are inaccessible.

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Wire Saws

A wire saw can handle any magnitude of the concrete cutting project. In fact, no structure is too large for this type of blade. These blades are designed to cut accurate openings in steel or concrete. If you have to cut awkward shapes and sizes of concrete, this blade is the best for such projects.

Wire saws have diamond-laced cables. These cables are pulled through the cutting material while being cooled down with water. This type of tool will reduce the wastage of your project. On the other hand, it is quite flexible and doesn’t tend to cause too many vibrations.

Hence, there is a less chance of cracks appearing around the cut. That is why these tools are quite popular with many construction projects in this day and age.

No matter what type of concrete cutting tool you use, it is always advisable to hire a professional to do the job. Concrete cutting is not the best DIY job for an inexperienced individual. You may damage the structure or end up with poor quality cuts without the assistance of a professional concrete cutting technician. The above read offers information on the different types of concrete cutting tools.