Bubble wrap is a protective packaging product that’s widely utilized in the packaging domain. It was invented in 1960 and originally conceptualized as a type of wallpaper. This purpose, however, failed but it was not long until its true purpose was discovered.

Over the years bubble wraps have ballooned in various sizes for different uses and even benefits, which we are going to discuss closely in this article. More often than not, bubble wraps are used to protect fragile products that require extra care. Delicate items like artwork, mirrors and glass wear require ideal protection and cushioning during transportation and even storage.

Well, if you are shipping a product for the first time, it can be challenging to find the ideal protecting packaging materials for the job. If you want more information and assistance on the best protective material for shipping, then it is advisable to consult an experienced bubble wrap manufacturer. That said, here are the benefits of using bubble wrap for shipping.


If you are transporting fragile products like glassware or electronics, it is imperative that you pick a packing material that will not cause abrasion. Bubble wrap is ideal for protecting these type of items from scratches during the shipping process.

The last thing you want is clients complaining that their tablet, laptop or smartphone screen was scratched straight out of the box. If this is your first time dealing with shipping, you should consider consulting a professional on how to keep items scratch free upon delivery.

Ideal for Uniquely-Shaped Items

If you have a product with a distinct shape, then you may want to consider bubble wrap for packaging. This material is beneficial as it can be tailored to fit around specific shapes an sizes. For instance, large pouches or sheets of bubble foam wrap can be utilized to protect distinctively shaped furniture from being scratched during transit. Again, consider consulting a bubble wrap manufacturer to determine whether or not the bubble foam wrap is ideal for your shipping requirements.

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Bubble wrap is a lightweight product, making it cost-effective for shipping purposes. The heavier the product, the more you will have to pay for the shipping. While it is not advisable to choose a packaging material based on the cost alone, many companies appreciate being able to protect their items without incurring too many costs for the extra weight. So, save money today by using bubble wrap to pack your items.


Ensure that you ask your bubble wrap provider whether or not they provide bubble wrap made of low-density recyclable polyethylene. By availing recyclable shipping material, you can be proud of making a difference in the environment.

Unlike other protective materials, bubble wrap can be recycled for an array of purposes. Ensure that you take your used bubble wrap to a recycling center that processes polyethylene plastic.

Variety of Products

An ideal bubble wrap provider will offer an array of products in order to meet your shipping requirements. For instance, bubble foam products are typically available in sheets, pouches, printed or clear film lamination, pink anti-static foam as well as tubing. The variety found in this material makes it popular among companies that have diverse inventories. Bubble wrap foam ideally comes in rolls which also helps streamline your transit process. Your staff will be able to easily remove the bubble wrap sheets so that products can be shipped in an efficient manner.

With the benefits out of the way, here are some other bubble wrap uses you may not have known about.

1. Growing Strawberries

You can simply cut a huge cork hoop shape an place your strawberries instead of letting them touch the ground.

2. Can be Utilized for Your Toolbox

Just line a sheet of the material on the bottom of your toolbox and it will prevent the tools from clanking together when you carry the toolbox. This is an excellent tip for handymen.

3. Used to Keep Groceries Cold

You may not have a freezer bag for long trips, but did you know you can also use bubble wrap foam to insulate groceries and keep them cold for several hours?

4. Can be Used as Kneepads

Simply fold two to three bubble wrap sheets and tape them to your knees. This is an affordable and quick way to either clean the floor or do gardening.

5. Can be used to Relieve Stress

This is perhaps something you already know. The satisfaction of popping the bubbles on the wrap tends to alleviate tension, aggression, and stress.