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Dizziness is absolutely a sickening feeling. The spinning sensation of the head disallows you from doing anything productive. Particularly, when dizziness is caused by Vertigo, you feel limited in all ways physical and mental.Simple vertigo treatments at home are available in an easy manner. A Vertigo Treatment Video is also provided below.

Types of Vertigo

Vertigo is of many types. The common type experienced by people, in general, is what is referred to as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. This is referred to as BPPV medically. Humans have small crystals like calcium inside our inner ear. When these crystals get loosened out, BPPV is caused. People may feel this type of Vertigo particularly when they get out of bed or getting into the bed trying to lie down. BPPV is the version of Vertigo experienced by people when they try to tilt theirs on either of the sides. The best thing about BPPV is that it can be treated easier than other forms of the same.

Before going in for treatment for Vertigo, ascertain from your Doctor if you are affected by the same. If he confirms that you have Vertigo, check with him which ear canal of yours has the exact problem. After understanding about this clearly, take help from your Therapist and understand clearly how to do the below-mentioned moves which will provide you relief from Vertigo.

Exercise Treatment for Vertigo

Epley Maneuver for vertigo

This exercise must be done properly exerting only required the extent of efforts without straining the shoulder and neck much.

  • ● Turning the head 45 degrees towards the left, keep a pillow to support both your shoulders. Ensure that pillow is not under the head.
    ● Keeping your head on the bed, lie down on the bed. Wait for 30 seconds, so vertigo stops.
    ● Slowly turn the head without changing position for around 60 degrees towards the right. Wait for 30 seconds, so the Vertigo stops.
    ● Raise yourself and sit down on the bed for some time.
    ● If you are feeling from the right ear, repeat the steps given above reversing the instructions.

Repeating these movements thrice a day before bedtime every night will help you get rid of Vertigo. Continue this exercise till you stop getting Vertigo dizziness at least for 24 hours continuously.

Semont Maneuver for vertigo

This exercise is like the earlier one. The steps given below are for people who feel dizziness from the left side of the face, that is, the left ear.

  • ● Turn your head slowly 45 degrees to the right sitting comfortable at the edge of your bed.
    ● Lie down to your left quickly.
    ● Stay in the same position for around 30 seconds.
    ● Move to the other end of your bed quickly and lie down. Throughout all these steps ensure you don’t change your head position.
    ● Lie in the same position for around 45 seconds. Look at the floor during this time gap.
    ● Slowly rise to sit down on the bed. Quietly wait for the few minutes.
    ● Reverse the direction of the above moves if the opposite ear is the cause of the Vertigo

Continue to do this exercise till you don’t get Vertigo dizziness at least for 24 hours continuously.

Foster Maneuver for vertigo

This type of exercise is also termed as Half-Somersault. This maneuver is considered easy by many people who have tried the other maneuvers.

  • ● Look up at the ceiling for a few second kneeling down on the floor.
    ● Touch the floor by tucking the chin completely and pushing the head towards the knees.
    ● Stay in the position for approximately 30 seconds till the Vertigo symptom stops.
    ● Slowly turn your head towards the side in which the affected ear is present.
    ● Stay in the same position for 30 seconds.
    ● Lift your head up to have the same in the normal position and stay in the position for 30 seconds.
    ● Turn the neck to the side of the ear for which you are exercising.
    ● Slowly get up and stand on your foot.

Carry on with the exercise taking 15 minutes break in between. Doing this exercises as frequently as possible will provide quick relief from Vertigo.

Brandt-Daroff Exercise for vertigo

This is another excellent exercise that helps you get rid of Vertigo. The right way to do this exercise is enlisted below for clarity.

  • ● This exercise must be done in a seated position on the bed.
    ● Tilt your head towards the side of the ear that causes Vertigo. Ensure the angle is 45 degrees.
    ● Lie down on the bed on one side ensuring that your nose is pointing towards the roof.
    ● Remain in the same position till you feel relieved from Vertigo or for 30 seconds whichever is longer in your case.
    ● Slowly rise back to sit on the bed
    ● Repeat the above steps with the other side also.

Ensure you repeat the above steps on each side for at least 3 to 5 times during every session. A maximum of 3 sessions every day will help feel the relief. This can be continued till relief is obtained from the Vertigo or for two weeks’ period.

After completing these exercises, avoid tilting your head too much or lifting up or down during the entire day.

Vertigo Treatment Video


Following up with the Doctor

Sometimes you may not feel better even after doing the above. Probably the exercises are not being done in the right manner. Consult your Doctor with your exact feedback which will help him provide a suitable solution specific to your problem.